Thursday, 24 March 2016

Donna Karan - Black Cashmere

Late afternoon fog is closing in, I find myself in a large, dark library in a gothic Victorian mansion. I'm standing by the open fire, a rich, honeyed muscat in hand. On the highly-polished mahogany mantelpiece is a large spray of Chrysanthemums and Carnations peppered with autumnal berries and trailing ivy. There is a slight trace of a subtle incense slithering in silky tendrils from an adjacent room. I feel like I have woken from a long sleep, my awareness is fleeting; a silk scarf, a casket, laughter, a farewell, but nothing lingers, transient, elusive and yet strangely comfortable.  I want to kiss and cry at the same time, I feel consumed and comfortable, and yet that primeval flight or fight is hiding just behind the tapestry.

~ Jojo

Fresh Spicy - Warm Spicy - Woody - Amber - Floral

Spicy notes of saffron, carnation, red and white pepper intertwine with woody notes of patchouli and african sorts of assorted tree.

Personally I don't get much of the incense - it's barely discernible although many reviewers seem to see it as a spicy, incense heavy fragrance.  I guess I love incense heavy and this is not it.  However, I love it. For me it opens with a honeyed blast, almost medicinal - I guess its the amber and saffron and peppers mingling before they retreat a little a few minutes in and the carnation comes to the fore.  I find the carnation (stalks and all) stays front and centre for the longevity of the fragrance from this time on, it's tempered by the patchouli and woods but it's far from spicy or incense like on my skin. It's familiar and yet like nothing else. A classy, mature perfume mostly suited to cooler weather and grown-up events ;)

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